InshaAllah, Sunday September 20th, will be the first day of Sunday School.  As of now, there will be one session from 9:45 AM-12:15 PM, for ages 5 and above.  

Each session will have an Islamic Studies class and a Qur’anic Studies class.

  • The Islamic Studies class will include Fiqh, Aqidah, History, Seerah, and Personal Development.
  • The Qur’anic Studies class will include the Complete Qaidah, Rules of Tajwid, Surah Memorization, and Reading Fluency.

Please Register at this link: prior to coming to the Masjid for the Qur’anic Level Placement test on Saturday, September 5th.  You will need to fill a separate form for each child. The Qur’anic Level Placement test will take place  at the masjid on Saturday in person from at 10 AM. We ask that everyone who is interested make an effort to come in person for the Registration, Quran Placement, and fees.  Please bring your child/children along with the  $50 registration fee (check or cash) at 10 AM.

 The fees will be $75 a month per child.  For every additional child, the cost will be $70 a month, each child.  There will also be a one-time $50 registration fee per child.  Fees for the students’ books will also be determined.    The fees are reflected on our commitment to achieve personalized learning for the students, by keeping the  student-teacher ratio smaller.    If you are having trouble filling out the registration form, please email Imam Talha at

Open House will take place on Sunday, September 13th from 10-12pm, in person,  to meet the teachers and pay for the first month and collect the text books.  

Polaris Masjid

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phone: (937) 506-0850